YOUDRIC has developed a composite programme dubbed HELP (Health, Education and Livelihood Programme) which aims to address the various needs of young Ghanaians through an integrated approach. Specific project interventions focus on the health, education and livelihood needs of vulnerable and marginalized young people aged 8-35 years in Ghana.

Basic Education Support Project (BESP)

The Basic Education Support Project (BESP) is YOUDRIC’s flagship initiative and has been operating across the Central Region since 2010 and recently the Ashanti Region. The project aims to improve BECE results among students in rural communities by implementing carefully thought out interventions designed to improve school quality, access and retention and efficiency in management. The Community Study Centres are the most innovative aspect of the project and are designed to provide a place where pupils can focus on their homework and access books, computers and tutorials.

Health Education and Advocacy Projects (HEAP)

Over the last four years YOUDRIC has worked of a range of health projects and has gained experience delivering interventions in the areas of HIV, malaria prevention and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. The primary aim of YOUDRIC’s health program is to ensure that our target groups are healthy, and to give the youth in particular a healthy head start, to enable them pursue their future aspirations with no or minor health challenges.

Livelihood Empowerment Projects (LEP)

YOUDRIC believes that our Health and Education programs will be most successful if people in the communities in which we work have sustainable incomes and can afford to send their children to school and seek medical care when they are sick. For this reason, YOUDRIC has developed the Livelihood Empowerment Program that will target unemployed, unskilled young people aged 18-25 and people aged 16-35 who are employed, but not making enough money to sustain themselves.